Foreign Language Film Evenings

Fridays 8pm – 10pm

Seating is on really comfy sofas. Tea/coffee is included. You are also welcome to bring your own food/drinks (even wine!).


Film Titles to be confirmed All have English Subtitles

  • Connector.

    29th September

    French Film

  • Connector.

    13th October

    Spanish Film

  • Connector.

    3rd November

    Italian Film

  • Connector.

    17th November

    German Film


Booking is essential. Upcoming film…Friday 3rd November

  • Connector.

    La Quattro Volte (2010) Italian with English subtitles.

    Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Frammartino directs this deceptively simple and playfully philosophical study of life through the four seasons in a tiny Italian village high in the Calabrian hills in southern Italy. A majestic pine tree is cut down by the villagers to be used first as a maypole for the town festival and later turned into charcoal. An elderly, ailing goatherd (Giuseppe Fuda) quietly lives out his last days, believing in the healing powers of the dust he collects daily from the church floor, which he drinks in his water every day. But even as he is dying, a new goat kid is born and the cycle of life steadily goes on

Price £3.50


Film nights location

The Old Chemist, 16 Manor Farm Road, Bitterne Triangle, SO18 1NP